I suppose you want to know what this is all about.

My name is Sunshine. Yes, that really is my real name. And this website is all about me 🙂

I love fun, food and fashion. In that exact order. And shoes. Lots of shoes. I believe in love, aliens and in keeping everything in moderation. Except for ice cream. There’s always room for ice cream.

I made this blog because my husband, Josephus, forced me to. Seriously. He wouldn’t get off my back until I created it. Because once upon a time, when I was small and cute (now I’m just cute), I wrote for my grade school paper. And then my high school paper. And then I started blogging on Friendster (you probably now know approximately how old I am) which got shut down. And then on Multiply, which also later got shut down. So having been a programmer, I created my own website, pus-and-shyne.com. Which after 3 years got hacked and eventually shut down (anyone noticing a pattern here?!). And because my husband is my biggest fan, and probably the only reader of my past blogs, he pushed and prodded and pestered me until I created another website.

So this blog is about my husband first of all. So I could document his antics, his wiping bird shit on me (true story) and his overall loveable persona (most of the time).

This blog is about my world and my interests – from dancing, books I’ve read, places I’ve travelled to, food I tried, to the inordinate amount of ice cream I ate.

This blog is about my successes, my failures, my joys and my heartaches in this sandpit I’ve learned to call home.star wars

This blog is about life, love and our journey together.color run

So read on as I go and try to have a big, juicy, creative life of imagination, a life of radical silliness and a life of staring off into space, wondering how they fit those tiny wooden ships into glass bottles. A life of organized chaos.