Warning: If you’re iffy, then stop right here and close the browser. If not and you want to read about my delivery experience, then read on. I’m documenting this because it’s the most unique experience I have ever had and I don’t want to forget it especially now with my new mom brain.

So, here we go…

Midwife: Are you ready?
Me: Yep.
Midwife: Ok. Push.
Me: <deepest, longest breath I could muster><push>, <another long breath><push>, <one last breath><push>
Midwife: Well done. You pushed really well. This shouldn’t take long.
Me: Thank you. So how long does it usually take?
Midwife: Depends. Some just take 10-15 mins. Some an hour. Some 2 hours.
Me: 2 hours? That’s a long time…. <blah blah blah>. So how many kids do you have?
Midwife: <blah blah blah>
Me: Ok I think I feel another contraction coming.
Midwife: Ok, ready? Push.

That was how my delivery went. My OB came in when the baby was really low and it took maybe another 2-3 sets of pushing and she came out. No screaming and husband fainting like in the movies. In between contractions, we would talk about her kids, giving birth, motherhood, etc. It was really calm, not like what I expected at all. 27 hours before that though….

August 29, 12 midnight – Checked in at Mediclinic City Hospital

1:30 am – I was given transvaginal pills to start the induction process. Painful is not enough to describe the process. They then told me to go to sleep and I tried. I kept dozing on and off though.

6:00 am – The midwife came in to check. I was still at 2 cm. I wished she would stop these checks. Or find some other way to do it. It was the most pain I have ever gone through in my life. Or so I thought. She told me to walk around or use a birthing ball and bounce around to get the baby to come out.

9:00 am – They put in my IV. Which they tried 3 times before they got it right. Also, they inserted something in my butt which made me go to the toilet in 5 seconds so I would empty myself out and not poop when I give birth. So that worry was put to rest.

11:00 am – The midwife came in with a gas tank which I knew from the birthing class was Entonox or laughing gas which I also knew was what they used to take the edge off the pain. The laughing gas sadly did not make me laugh, not even a tiny bit. My heart started beating really fast and I was sweating and she told me they were going to break my water to hasten the dilation. Remember when I said the 1:30 am and 6:00 am checks were painful? That wasn’t even half as painful as this. Another midwife came in, they put the Entonox over my nose, the second midwife held my left leg, asked Josephus to hold my right leg and my right arm while my left arm held the Entonox. I knew that I was going to be in deep shit after they held me down like a crazy person having an episode. The first midwife then inserted what I felt was her whole freaking hand and poked around. I later knew she was removing the mucus plug. This was when I started screaming which was thankfully muffled by the Entonox over my nose and mouth. Then she inserted a plastic needle and my vision became hazy and I think I literally must have passed out for a second. I then felt warm water gushing out. I thought it was over. But nope, she had to use her whole hand to what felt like scraping off my uterus. This was the most painful part of my delivery and the most painful moment ever in my entire life. I now use this moment to ward off any pain and just think, if I survived that, I can definitely survive whatever it is that’s currently causing me any physical pain.

2:00 pm – I was still at 2 cm. We got transferred to the delivery room from the labor room and they gave me an epidural to relax my muscles and help me dilate. I couldn’t eat anything anymore after this, just water and apple juice. I also couldn’t walk around anymore. The anesthesiologist was amazing. I didn’t feel any pain at all. Just a mild electrocuted feeling in my right leg when the medicine went in. I was beginning to run out of movies to watch.

9:00 pm – I was now at 5 cm. Yey, progress! Yvette and Steffi came to visit me and bring me some food, maybe thinking I had already delivered by this time. But nope, Zia refuses to meet them, or anyone for that matter. Thankfully, she was still happy and healthy inside. They gave me some medicine or hormones or whatever to further help soften my cervix.

3:00 am – I was getting really tired but was finally at 9 cm. Whenever I felt any kind of pain, I had an epidural button to push which would top up my meds. Nice.

4:00 am – I started to get the urge to push. It was a really weird feeling because it felt like I had to poop but also felt heavier than a poop. Like there’s this really big thing weighing down and pushing against your butt. It was kinda painful but a tolerable kind. Not like the kill-me-now pain from when they broke my water.

4:30 am – The pushing started. It was peaceful and calm and completely painless. Thank you epidural, you are the best invention/discovery ever.

Doctor: Oh, I can see her a bit now. She has a lot of hair. Look Daddy, come look.
Me: Don’t you dare.
Josephus: <bends down to look>
Midwife to me: You can touch so you feel the hair.
Me: No, thank you.
Midwife: <grabs my left hand and forces me to touch my baby’s partially exposed scalp>

Josephus was supposed to cut the umbilical cord as per my birth plan but Z came out with her cord around her neck so when her head was out and her neck was still stuck, the doc had to cut it.

4:52 am – It was a shock when my doctor finally said, “Here’s your baby!” as I thought it would take longer and more pushing. She was then placed on my stomach full of slime and blood and was the most incredible moment ever. The feeling is something I can’t quite put into words.

She didn’t stay long on me before the nurse took her away and made her cry for the very first time and cleaned her up while Josephus took pictures.

Meanwhile, I was busy getting cleaned up and touching the placenta which I told Josephus to get a picture of but he never managed because I guess he was too overwhelmed from seeing his baby 🙂 The nurse then brought her over to me for skin to skin and breastfeeding and we stayed like that for an hour or so.

So that was it. It took 40 weeks, 4 days and 27 hours in labor before she came out. Back then, I thought it was the most difficult part of motherhood. Looking back at it now, t

After months of anticipation, we finally got to meet our little one. I know the next couple of months will not be easy, we would need to figure out our new normal. But right at that very second, that moment was everything.