Happy Ever After

Birth: Nailed It

Warning: If you’re iffy, then stop right here and close the browser. If not and you want to read about my delivery experience, then read

40 weeks

I waited for some time before wanting to try for a baby. I knew what kind of pregnancy I wanted and I wanted to be


I haven’t written in a while. So much has happened. And there are so many stories to tell. But let me start with my favourite


The night before our flight to the States for our anniversary, I absentmindedly decided to eat a curry based dish for dinner. The next day,

Lessons in Cebu

11 days in and I am exhausted beyond belief. I haven’t been sleeping well, the zits have started appearing again, we have been running around

The week that was

I now firmly believe that there are no bridezillas. only supplierzillas and sometimes, guestzillas. We’ve also been fortunate enough to cover a wedding last saturday at