I have never considered myself vertically challenged. I’m not tall, but not short either. I define short as 5 feet and below (sorry mom) :-D. I am 5’3″, so that’s 3 inches above shortness.

And I’ve never had a problem with my height. I’ve also never wished I was taller, because then Josephus would have a huge problem (sorry langga) 😀

Even when I meet people who give me stiff necks. I still don’t consider myself short, they would just be extremely tall.

Exhibit A: With friends in Kiel, Germany
Exhibit B: With a stranger in Istanbul, Turkey

Last Thursday however, I realized I was semi screwed. Josephus, Ric and I went to Dubai Jazz Festival where Jason Mraz was set to perform. Cool, right? What wasn’t so cool was when we got to the venue and went to where we could only afford, the Standing Only area. It was then that I got acquainted with people’s backs… and heads….

Exhibit A: I had my arms fully stretched upwards already and I still couldn’t take a decent picture of the stage

Exhibit B: I didn’t even know her head was on the way. It was so darned dark


Suddenly the crowd went wild and it was only then that I knew Jason had come on stage as visual cues remained unavailable to me. I tried standing on tiptoe. And realized I couldn’t do it for the next 1 and 1/2 hour so I just gave up. My legs were beginning to ache. I craned my neck. Still to no avail. It went that way for the whole evening except during moments when the crowd parted and i could sort of see Jason Mraz!

The concert was then over and being short, I could wiggle my way out of anything so we got out of the venue pretty quickly. I remember my boss telling me all the time “You’re lucky you’re small. You just sit in economy class with your legs dangling on the seat. I can’t even fit there. I have to go buy Business Class.” Yeah, right. Like he was really suffering in Business Class.

We still had so much fun during the concert and it really wasn’t that bad.

Ric, Me, Josephus and the still-unknown-as-to-why-he-was-in-every-picture Mastercard guy


and the finale of the night, Jason’s I’m Yours

sorry, the video won’t play if i embed it 🙁 you will have to go to youtube for now. i will find a way for this in the future, i promise.