I haven’t written in a while. So much has happened. And there are so many stories to tell. But let me start with my favourite one…

RTA’s SmartDrive


Out of all the places in the countries I’ve visited, Dubai has got to have the most confusing and ever changing road network. You can pass by or use a road one day and literally wake up the next day to see something totally different. I’ve had my fair share (and more than I’d care to admit) of trips where I’d miss an exit and end up in Sharjah or in the Hatta, Oman road. I’d end up in a panic and in a hysterical phone call with my human GPS, the hubby dubs.

Must. Eat. Everything! The Ripe Food and Craft Market

After last week’s flea market, I was ready to go another one, albeit at the same venue. I’ve heard about this for a year now, mainly because we did their videos for them (ehem, shameless plug). But I’ve never had a chance to visit. My husband swore that I’d enjoy it… food, shopping and the outdoors… basically, my idea of heaven. So when my schedule finally opened up, I hopped, skipped and jumped to the market.

Dubai Flea Market

Me at the flea market…

Buyer:   How much is this?
Me:        20 AED
Buyer:   10
Me:        No. 20
Buyer:   Come on, this is the flea market!
Me:        Yeah, that’s why it’s just 20
Buyer:   But that’s expensive!
Me:        Then don’t buy. Go away.

Thus began my flea market adventure.

Kate Spade – 75% Off – Surprise Sale

Yes. You heard that right. They’re having a Black Friday Edition Surprise Sale with up to 75% off. Catch – this is online and they don’t ship internationally. So you’d have to ship it to a US address and figure out how to ship from there. In my case, I’ve had a Shop and Ship account for the longest time.

November Glambox

After the excitement of my first Glambox last month, I couldn’t wait to receive this month’s box. When I finally did, I was disappointed. There wasn’t anything I particularly liked. All products were from The Face Shop. It had an Aloe face mask, sunscreen samples, hand lotion, mango seed lip balm/gloss and whitening stuff.

Work it

I had an eventful workweek. And a way for me to alleviate the stress or to look forward to another day is to dress up. I love picking out my outfits, trying them on and making a mess of the bedroom in the process and then finally deciding which one to go with and wearing them. Which is why probably 80% of my clothes are for work. I usually dress according to how I feel, but no, I wasn’t feeling particularly green minded for this outfit :-p

Have or no have, what was the question?

One of the things that Dubai spoils you with is that you can get anything delivered to your doorstep. Anything. Food, groceries, laundry, medicine, books, your husband… seriously, there is an errands service that can drag your husband out of the office if he refuses to go home. Hear that Josephus?

So on a typical day when I didn’t want to part myself from my beloved AC at home, I called the supermarket at our building’s ground floor and the phone was dutifully picked up. Unfortunately, the convenience of the experience stopped right there as the conversation went something like this

me: hi, good evening. can i get some food delivered please
guy(or perhaps alien) on the other side: yes
me: umm, do you have lays salt and vinegar and iced tea?
guy(or alien. i still couldn’t determine): no have

and before i could say another word i could hear the distinct sound of a dial tone

For Thursdate, we go to Bangkok


I love Thai food. Somehow, the ones I’ve tried in Dubai haven’t really been that good. Until Little Bangkok.

I discovered this by accident. My friends and I were just driving along Barsha looking for something to eat when someone suggested we go to Little Bangkok near Emirates Towers as it was apparently good. And it didn’t disappoint. I loved it the first time around that I had to bring Josephus there. And we just kept coming back.

What to wear when you have nothing to wear

oc_look 1-2

So last weekend I was rummaging through my closet and despite facing a wardrobe full of clothes, I was faced with a woman’s typical first world problem… I had absolutely nothing to wear. I was supposed to look pretty and girly and it was impossible because I was gross and had nothing to wear. And so the closet hunt began.

Just yesterday, the room was spotless, having gotten it cleaned. Now, after attempting to pick out what to wear, all my clothes were on the floor, on and under the bed and hanging on every possible surface. And then at the bottom of the pile, I saw a dress I had completely forgotten I owned. A 4 year old dress that looked brand new as I had only worn it twice. Inspired, I decided to put together an outfit made of “oldies”.