Al Ain Escape


I’ve been wanting to go on a road trip for a long time. But as I was crying at the slightest provocation, I had to wait until my tear glands calmed down. As soon as it did, I invited the long lost gang and off to Al Ain we went.

First, a little bit of background for all you nerds out there. Al Ain literally means “The Spring” and contrary to what some people think, isn’t an Emirate, but part of the Abu Dhabi Emirate. It’s approximately an hour and a half drive from Dubai, or 2 hours if you listen to Tag FM and have a Tagalog “name that song” contest. It’s the birthplace of the first president of the UAE and it has the highest number of Emirati nationals. Actually, I didn’t know that last part until about 5 seconds ago. Thank you Wikipedia.

So, we got up early, all 12 of us, 2 not so early (ehem Steffi and Tousif) and convoyed to Al Ain, 3 cars and all. 4th car got left behind (ehem Steffi and Tousif).


I had heard of this a long time ago but basically ignored it. But then as a member of good moral character :-p of Fitness First, I got a 25% discount for any Glambox subscription. So what is Glambox?

Glambox… is a box. And I am just so profound, aren’t I? Basically you subscribe for a box… monthly, semi annually or annually. The box comes to you every month filled with goodies which are samples of usually newly launched products which could be skincare, fragrance, haircare, makeup (basically anything vanity related) from different brands ie. Calvin Klein, Benefit, Lacoste, Escada, etcetera. For those of you who are vain, like me, and want to get to try a broad range of products without spending a lot and not even knowing if you’d end up liking it, then this would be heaven sent. You can then buy them online on their website and collect points.

I normally spend a lot on makeup and skincare and fragrances so I gave this a try. An annual subscription is 849 AED (71 AED/month) and with my 25% discount, I got it for 637 AED. That’s 53 AED a month. Not bad at all!

So last Monday, my first box finally arrived!


What I didn’t expect when I was expecting

We didn’t plan it. But it happened. It was the second week and the night I tested for it and it came back positive, I felt fear, and excitement, and a whole lot of other emotions I couldn’t quite make out. Josephus, who long wanted it, was ecstatic. We were going to be parents.

When a woman learns that she is pregnant, her world changes. She hopes and expects and creates dreams and she loves wholeheartedly for the yet unborn. She cannot help it. It is but natural. And I was no different.

My Detox experience

My life was a stressful one. I woke up tired, sluggish and weak. I felt bloated all the time and I ate more than usual. I got sick very often. My mind wasn’t as sharp as it used to be, i.e. after coming home from work, I once used my car keys to open my apartment door. True story. And I didn’t like my job. I knew I needed change. Drastic ones. So I did.

Step 1. Quit job. I’ve been jobless and loving it for more than a month now.
Step 2. Go on vacation. So fly to London we did.
Step 3. Change my eating habits and cleanse.


The night before our flight to the States for our anniversary, I absentmindedly decided to eat a curry based dish for dinner. The next day, the stupid curry had stained the elastic bands on my braces and I had yellowish green teeth. I was horrified. There was no time to go to the orthodontist before our flight so I freaked out. Josephus’ solutions were:

1.) drink white paint
2.) use liquid eraser
3.) melt the rubber band by drinking muriatic acid

After hitting him on the head with a tooth bleaching kit box, he finally said something that cheered me up. “ok ra na langga oi. may gani imoha kay lastiko ra yellow. ako gani o, ako tibuok ngipon yellow.” (thats ok langga. you are lucky it’s just the rubber bands that are yellow. me, all my teeth are yellow).

And that pretty much sums up one year of marriage with him. He always comes up with the most inane comments and solutions. And it is these inanities that make me laugh and make me realise the shallowness and absurdity of it all. He makes me laugh at my problems, at myself and at him. And he makes me realise that things are not so bad at all. That i still have him. And his useless solutions 🙂

I am blessed to have someone as wonderful as you.

Happy anniversary Langga.

One down. A gazillion more to go.

Making Mistakes

I rarely do mistakes. Silly little ones I can handle. Like forgetting a dance step. But not major ones that affect a lot of people. So when I got stressed and overworked and forced to do something I didn’t want to do, I did it in haste and made a mistake. One that affected the business. So when I realized what I did, I got even more stressed and depressed and dealt with it the way I knew how. I cried and ate ice cream and all sorts of junk food. And cried some more.

See, I grew up struggling and always having to prove I wasn’t “up to no good”. Mediocrity wasn’t an option. A 92/100 score would terrify me. I would be waiting in agony for the punishment that would come. And if you think punishment=being grounded, you couldn’t be more wrong. A mistake once got me banished. And so I always had to tread carefully, I always had to be the best in what I did, always had to strive for perfection. In return, those made me achieve what I have today. But in effect, I have a short fuse for idiots, laziness, time wasters and stupid questions. Patience is a virtue I just do not have.

Vday is the new family day

Valentine’s day has never been a big deal. Sometimes I have a date, sometimes I don’t and sometimes I want to kill an ex boyfriend. In fact, I don’t even remember how I spent last year. Or the year before that. So, I didn’t think this year would be any different. Except that I will get to see One Republic. Other than that, nothing special. So imagine my surprise when I got to work and this was waiting for me in the office


3 weddings and 3 honeymoons

* Video password: ths

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of getting married thrice.

Ok let me try that again.

When I was a little girl… I don’t think I was ever a normal little girl. I never really thought of my “dream wedding”. I used to play with Barbie and Ken and she had a wedding dress and they got married but I ran out of things to do with Ken so I ripped his head off and tossed him aside 😀

So anyway, I finally grew up and after much ado, decided to get married. I have never been able to get my family and closest friends all in one sitting so I thought this would be the perfect occasion. I wanted all of us to be on a vacation far away from civilization. I wanted the beach. At the same time, I wanted to show cebu off. So remote island + beach + cebu = Santa Fe, Bantayan Island. Except for a tiny hitch. We were roman catholic and the church in Sta. Fe was far from nice (and i’m putting this mildly). So I decided on a beach wedding. But that didn’t change the fact that we were still roman catholics and thus had to get married inside a church. So I decided on a small, family only, no fuss, very simple chapel wedding inside the church compound for wedding number 1, 3 days before my beach wedding number 2. Except for another not so tiny hitch. Wedding #1 entailed so much paperwork that I would have to stay in the Philippines longer than I initially thought, which I really didn’t want to do. Solution: get the paperwork out of the way. aAd so wedding number 1 had to be 6 months before church wedding number 2, to get the paperwork ready on time and all done in Dubai, and church wedding number 2 had to be 3 days before beach wedding number 3 to get the spiritual and church blessings. Confused enough already? Imagine how I felt while organizing all these :-/

“Too many stupid things happening” kind of day

The universe seems to be playing a joke on me today 🙂

CONVERSATION 1 – with the taxi driver early in the morning on my way to work

me: please take the exit to emirates towers
driver: ok. left?
me: no. take the road to the right please
driver: no. emirates towers left.
me: yes. but i’m going to starbucks
driver: no. you go emirates towers.
me: no. i said take the emirates towers exit. and then go right
driver: no. emirates towers left.


CONVERSATION 2 – with the phone operator

me: hello
phone operator: hi, is this sunshine?
me: yes
phone op: you have a package from dhl. what address should this be delivered to?
me: barsha 1 please. sunrise building.
phone op: i need your address please, not your name.
me: that is my address.
phone op: your name is sunshine and you live in sunrise?
me: yeah i know how that sounds but, umm, yes…


CONVERSATION 3 – with another phone operator

me: hello
phone operator: hi, i am calling from aramex. you have a package for delivery. our system is down so i will call you later.
me: so you called to tell me that you will call later?
phone op: yes
me: great. that’s very thoughtful of you :-p


And it’s only half of the day. can’t wait to see what the rest of the day has in store for me. this is gonna be fun 😀


My Toastmasters Experience

Tonight was a very special night for me. Not only because of another one of Josephus’ breakthrough appearances, nor because of the format that we did for our business meeting, but because I did my 10th project speech, the goal of which was to inspire your audience. That marked the end of my basic communicator manual and the beginning of my advanced communicator projects.

I’ve always heard of toastmasters even when I was back in the Philippines, however, I never gave it a try because membership fees were expensive. In dubai, fees are still not cheap, but as I am earning more, it has become affordable. I joined because of Charity (who is now my mentor) and was Josephus’ dance partner. I visited once, saw a potentially fun and educational club and without any hesitation, I decided to join.