Happy 15th Pseudo Anniversary

Dear Langga,

You know what today is, right? Warning: A negative answer will leave you sleeping on the couch and possibly get murdered. Today I woke up from a nightmare where I was suffocating and about to fall off a cliff. I woke up to see that it wasn’t just a nightmare, it was actually happening. You had moved so close to me in your sleep that you had pushed me almost to the edge of the bed and you had your arms and legs wrapped around me like I was some kind of turon (for those who can’t relate, think spring rolls). Unfortunately for me, you are twice my weight and I couldn’t at first decide whether you were loving me or trying to kill me in your sleep. I opted for the former. It’s a sweet realization that someone loves you, even in their sleep. That they move towards you, hug you and share your pillow.

Exactly 15 years ago today, at around 7:30 am (GMT+8), you first met me in one of the classrooms in the academic building. You thought I was gorgeous. Okay, you didn’t actually say it out loud but I know you were thinking it :-p I saw you first a couple of hours after when we were transferred to our homeroom and I thought you were cute. And then I thought I was lucky because we were seatmates in some of the classes. In hindsight, I think it wasn’t luck, it was fate.

I can’t believe it has been 15 years. Just so I actually know it’s true, let’s review, shall we?

Lessons in Cebu

11 days in and I am exhausted beyond belief. I haven’t been sleeping well, the zits have started appearing again, we have been running around and the guests have started arriving so much so that the airport security guard is now my new bff. 3 days until the church wedding and 6 more days until the beach wedding. I can’t wait until this is all over. In the meantime, lessons I have learned while in Cebu…

1.) Bring your own tissue. Everywhere you go. Because you will either sweat or have to pee and you won’t be able to find a tissue in the immediate vicinity.

2.) Walk in slow motion. Everyone else does. No point in hurrying. If you do hurry, you will have to stand and wait for everyone you’re with to catch up anyway.

The week that was

I now firmly believe that there are no bridezillas. only supplierzillas and sometimes, guestzillas. We’ve also been fortunate enough to cover a wedding last saturday at the dubai polo club(again) with a barbie doll look alike bride and i saw the bride freak out when the venue had not been set up at 2:30 when her wedding was at 4. see? only supplierzillas.

I took that lesson and I have now decided to go into bahala-slash-inshallah mode so as not to die of stress and premature wrinkles.

Love letter to the future husband

Dear langga,

I love you and all, but, how could this have found its way to the kitchen? The kitchen of all places.


Did you happen to lift weights while washing the dishes? Also, it somehow never found its way back to where it came from. Hmmm.


Just really curious,


The Bridal Shower

A girl’s most memorable moments are the day the love of her life proposes and the day of her wedding. If she’s lucky, she gets to have a bridal shower added to those moments. If she’s really lucky, she has a very special shower. One that would last for 12 hours.

I was one of the “really lucky” few. One had been planned and set up for me. I didn’t have to do a single thing and all I had to prepare for was a pink dress and my abduction.

Small Mouth, Big Teeth Gene

I will never be a toothpaste commercial model (i have long accepted my fate) but my teeth aren’t that bad either, although sometimes i could get mistaken as kin of bugs bunny.
pretty, but bugs bunny like :-p

I’m not short, I’m fun sized!

I have never considered myself vertically challenged. I’m not tall, but not short either. I define short as 5 feet and below (sorry mom) :-D. I am 5’3″, so that’s 3 inches above shortness.

And I’ve never had a problem with my height. I’ve also never wished I was taller, because then Josephus would have a huge problem (sorry langga) 😀