I will never be a toothpaste commercial model (i have long accepted my fate) but my teeth aren’t that bad either, although sometimes i could get mistaken as kin of bugs bunny.
pretty, but bugs bunny like :-p

A couple of months ago (5 months to be exact), i got an excuse to get my teeth fixed – my wedding. i’m not vain, i’m just… umm… ok i’m vain. So i went to the orthodontist and apparently, my bite was all over the place. Cross, over, under, you name it. When asked why it was so, he simply stated that i just have an unreasonably small mouth for my big teeth and that apparently, it was in the genes. I was lucky though because all my wisdom teeth were in place and did not need any extracting, although that did cause all my other teeth to get crowded. So i needed braces and I got the ceramic, almost invisible ones, because unlike in the philippines, metal mouths here are not cool.

It was painful, uncomfortable and my mouth became a home for sores and wounds. After a couple of months, i kinda got the hang of it and i didn’t even feel it was there, until 2 days ago when i had to pay another visit to my ortho.

My orthodontist is a cute guy in his late thirties. this would ordinarily be a good thing, except that being poked, prodded and examined like an animal by someone i found cute was not an idea i found particularly attractive.

I then sat back in my chair and relaxed (I had gotten so used to the torture, i was finally able to relax). He proceeded to do the usual stuff when he suddenly said, “this isn’t going to hurt a bit”. That sent warning bells in my head and before i could react he pulled something out from my mouth to which i promptly screamed, “aaaaahhhh. did you just pull out my tooth?!!!”. Although, with mouth held open and full of cotton, it came sounding like “aaaaahhhh. ddyjsh pyoutmytthhh?!!!”. Being a trained professional (a dental linguist i reckon), he perfectly understood what i meant and answered, “relax, that was the brace, not your tooth. I’m taking them all out and put them back to reposition them because your teeth have moved so much.” I would’ve killed him right then and there were i not wary of the drill he was holding.

2 hours later, he proudly sat back and told me that after 3 weeks, i was to come back so he can remove them again and replace them with invisible retainers so i could be pretty and set for my wedding. I didn’t know whether to kick him in the nards(for yet another removal in 3 weeks) or hug him(for getting me ready for my wedding). Ours is a love-hate relationship. Fortunately, the three rubber bands connecting my upper and lower jaw prevented me from talking any further as it promptly held my mouth shut. When asked how i was supposed to talk to the people i worked with when i could only open my mouth 1 centimeter, he said, “Just smile. and possibly learn sign language”. Very funny doc. Very funny.